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80 ML tube

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Compete can be used as both a pre and post event supplement. Compete contains nutritional ingredients that allow your horse to achieve maximum performance. A combination of creatine, glutamine and inositol in a balanced form will get you the results you expect.
Strictly Equine Compete is a convenient, easy to administer paste that can be given before and after competition providing essential electrolytes, chelated mineral, B complex vitamins, DMG and the amino acid glutamine, that facilitate the production of ATP phospho creatine energy improving muscle endurance, and recovery time post competition.
Electrolyte losses occur on a daily basis, and can more than double during intense events such as racing or endurance riding with losses of 85gm of Sodium, 140gm of Chloride and 64 g of Potassium in 20L/day of sweat. Electrolyte balance must be maintained in order to maintain optimal pH levels for central nervous function, muscle contractions, and risk of typing up, cramping and/or diaphragmatic thumps.
Dimethylglycine (DMG), also known as B15 or pangamic acid is a derivative from the amino acid glycine, helps muscles increase creatine stores, facilitating tissue repair, oxygen uptake by cells and improving immunity, reducing lactic acid build up, and enhancing energy metabolism along with B vitamins.
(per tube): Sodium chloride 3610mg, Potassium 2850mg, Calcium pantothe-nate 8310mg, Glutamine (L) 1185mg, Dicalcium 1190mg, Thiamine hydro-chloride 4985mg, Sodium phosphate 1300mg, Magnesium oxide 415mg, Dimethylglycine (DMG) 2075mg, Niacinamide 2075mg, Vitamin B12 124mcg, Riboflavin 665mg, Inositol 665mg, Vitamin B6 270mg
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